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as we take a look at earl, the track of earl very concerning, category 3, darker circles would be hurricane force winds. so we're definitely looking at north carolina to experience that, we're going to get the tropical storm force winds basically from i'd say about salisbury and georgetown, delaware, over through ocean city and the delaware beaches and the, of course, huge waves would be a concern. it is 200 mimes southeastern monroe and northern east of ocean city. that gives you a kind of an early peek. we've got justin, headed back to you my friend, what's changed in the last few minutes. >> i was trying to talk to beach patrol. found out they can't officially talk until they get permission to do so on camera. they were very kind about that. they are patrolling the peaches. an added concern as we have a
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jet flying overhead, noise from the waves, the beacon out there, fred go back over there, looks like a half a dozen guys, surfers trying to take full advantage of these high waves. this isn't southern california, we get waves over 10 to 15 feet they are going to take full advantage of it. that's what we've got now. young gentleman and women what are getting off work, now looks like it is reaching its peak.  one thing we're dealing with wyatt, we're talking about the tide. everybody knows, who lives by the water, you to have live with the cycle of the water. we get two tidal surges, one on its way out, the next one comes in early tomorrow morning between 2:00 and 4:00, i don't want to give one specific time like 3:40, it really is just a gradual up and increase and a gradual flow back.
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it's the matter of fact that we have had the winds and the waves coming in from the out east, literally the direction our visited i don't go were a fehr fred is showing you. with each pass and approach of that storm they are actually going to be increasing not only the approach of the water but preventing the tide from going out at low tide, which means the next high tide will be that much higher, that's why we're watching at 2:00 to 4:00 tomorrow morning, even though the general approach of that storm is likely to be around sunrise for us. so the surfers are trying to get the best of it, there's some lulls in between the swells, starting to see more white caps further off in the ocean, a half mile or a mile offshore,nd it really is just a matter of sitting an waiting, we have spoke to locals down here who are kind of excited, they like to see this kind of stuff, they know it's not going to be the worst storm ever, there are some people who aring that are concerned, one family up in the 10 0's, staying at
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golden sand, their beach is already gone. i have a hard time believing that considering how much water we've got, but we were watching that high tide and there is less beach further up in the 10 0's, there is places where there is not much beach left. that's the issue right here. the wind and waves, probably sea foam, and of course waves lapping up into the parking lot. kelly back the studio. >> justin, we reported that the beach is closed to swimmers but okafor surfers. we should emphasize that. >> they are hanging on, they have got those surf boards tethered around and tied to their feet. these guys have been out there almost every day and hopefully they are prepared and know how to take care of themselves and each other if someone actually needs some help out there. i'm going to tell you it's starting to get angry, i don't see this every day, i don't
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want to grandstand, they are saying it is not too dangerous, just fun. >> justin burke, we'll check back with you in a little bit. as it moves closer to ocean city, they are looking to see if it is going to ruin their labor day plans. people are hitting the road early. brian? >> traffic is moving back and forth across the bridge but earl is making people make the decision of whether or not to go or stay. plenty of marylanders, in ocean city or some other beach along the east coast, but as earl continues to churn and chug along the mid-atlantic many are changing their vacation plans. the store was enough to force ray question avoid oh and his family to change their vacation on the outer banks. >> supposed to stay through sunday of this week, we expected them to have a mandatory evacuation, so we left yesterday to avoid all the
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traffic. and this morning we've got up and found out they had a mandatory evacuation for all of dare county down there. >> reporter: so your beth paid off to get out of there? >> absolutely. absolutely, yeah. >> reporter: but for every one person who shortened their vacation there is another who is just trying to push rights on through. we're going to talk to more folks, either on their way or back from the shore, coming up tonight on abc 2 news at 6:00. for now we're alive on ken island, brian cook here, abc 2 news. >> abc 2 news christian shaffer is live there tonight, how are things looking at the beach? looks like everything is normal, people having a good time. >> not as many of them kelly. really a nice weekend except for this little hurricane going to pass through here. i got off the phone with the spokesman, they are really expecting their emergency responders expecting this to hit around 8:00 in the morning, going to start up a little earlier, around 5:00, earlier in the morning, possibly, some
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of those high wind and rain coming in, but 8:00 for the high tide. pie tomorrow afternoon, according to the models they are looking at and the planning they are doing, they are expecting this thing to be pretty much gone and out of here by tomorrow. it's really an event a lot of people are coming down, they just want to come down and look at the ocean because it's so much stronger than it normally is on a normal weekend. but, again, it's quite dangerous, you see some surfers out there but the actual peach has been closed to normal swimmer types that would try to go in on a normal weekend. that's the big news, that that just happened recently. earlier this afternoon the mayor and some of his top agency heads from all the various ocean city agencies met just to make sure they are ready to go. parks and rec was there, the head of the solid waste was there, to make sure if there's some flooding they will be able to clean up tomorrow, blown around in the high winds, nothing severe, they just wanted to make sure everything
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was on the same page for getting ready for hurricane earl. they are not expecting serious flooding, but expecting very strong rip currents and they are hoping people will he'd their warnings and stay out of the water. >> some of the rip currents when they are strong can be 5, 6 miles per hour, which is faster than most people can swim, it's not just being a strong swimmer, it's having ocean knowledge, because the ocean is not the swimming pool. there's different currents around the pier and the rock piles. but most dangerous is the rip current, if you're not trained to identify a rip current you have no business being out there, especially with when the lifeguards aren't on duty. >> reporter: that is the key right there, use your common accepts. if more people would do that they wouldn't have to rescue anybody here at ocean city. but they do, they had over 100 last weekend, they'll have more
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this weekend. those restrictions on swimming are going to stay in effect throughout the day tomorrow. hopefully by saturday things will have calmed down to the point where they can reopen the beaches. it's going to be a beautiful weekend, two conventions, both of them will go on as scheduled. ocean city is open for business, they are hoping people will come down, when they do come town, use their common sense and have a good weekend. >> thanks a lot christian for that live report. the mayor of ocean city says the resort town's beaches are closed to swimmers as the east some of the braces for hurricane earl. the beaches are really off limits because of the pending weather being driven by the hurricane and all of the waves that we're looking at from that video there, they are only going to get worse over there for the next couple days. lifeguards are only allowing experienced body boarders and surfers in the water t mayor says the restrictions will likely continue through saturday. now many people are already on vacation in ocean city.
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abc 2 news don harrison has been at the beach all day and he tells us how they are bracing for earl. don? >> reporter: all right kelly, i'll include myself as one of those on vacation. it it's a lot of fun down here, it always is at the beach, we're waiting for earl, kind of rude, hasn't showed up for the party yet. people have been working hard all over this city to get prepared for whatever is going to show up. not just the vacationers, the business owners are concerned also. the effects of earl are showing up in the water and the surfers live for this. >> reporter: you heard of dueling ban joe's? well this is due egg augusters. the winds will below the sand around like it does for snow drifts. >> this is our winter fence, put it up every year, during the wintertime we have a lot of north easter and it helps protect the sand from going in the 2 parking lot and, you know, doing a lot of damage. >> reporter: sand pipe% are
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trying to avoid the surf like owners dodge hurricanes. >> we have seen this before. i know myself, i've gone through a couple linda stump manages park place gallery. she has to see how hard it hits her shop before she opens up in the morning. >> i'll open as long as the wind allows me to open the door. soon as the rain stops everybody will be oughton the boardwalk back to normal. >> reporter: that's what they are looking for, things to get back to normal, that's not too far away. when you come to a vacation up to you get to peta lot of interesting people, that's exactly what i have got coming up later on, i met with walter williams, a world war ii vet, been through the war, all kinds of things. hurricane earl is no problem. for now live in ocean city, don
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harrison, back to you kelly. >> thanks a lot don. so what do the people who live in ocean city think about all this? >> joce sterman, why they are not too excited about earl, i can't imagine anybody is really excited except the wave watchers. >> reporter: that's right kelly t wave watchers are very excited about this storm. a draw for tourists, for visitors, for surfers, anybody who wants to see the power of mother nature up close and personal. but if you live here year-round this storm is nothing more than a headache. for some in ocean city the hours before earl are just another day at the peach. >> we are here for, we're coming for the weekend, we have had in demand for 6 months so we're gonna be here. unless they tell us we have to leave. >> reporter: but for year- rounders in the ocean pines community the approaching weather means work. they have got a steak in the storm and saving their stuff. >> that's all i'm doing is adding a little extra caution
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so my brood survives another scare. >> reporter: he has been through this drill many times. doubling lines on his boat and covering up to keep water out. if the storm predictions were more dire he would pull the boat from the beard, but, this time, he is pretty sure ocean city will dodge the major damage. >> probably even worse conditions in the spring when we have norries terse, they come here two, three days in a constant direction. >> reporter: for the time being guards on the beach patrol are watching the waves. they let swimmers test the water before closing the peach this afternoon, as we have said all along, this surf is a real draw for people. talk about that in 2 scope of things, you have been to this beach before. how do these waves rate according to any you've ever seen. >> this is the biggest it's been all summer, been really small, but hurricane it a bell was the biggest i have seen here, huge for about a week or two straight. this is just getting started, i think it's going to be a lot bigger tomorrow. >> you get worried about
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safety? these waves are big, you have to be a good swimmer. >> swim, yeah, you should have fins. as long as you're not a beginning surfer you should be okay. >> you could ride these waves all the way down to as a take. >> reporter: >> yeah, you can ride it pretty close to the beach, it's a mile or two long wave when it's good. >> reporter: amazing stuff. we have been keeping him from the waves the last 10 minutes to hear how good they are. these guys are really enjoying it. joce sterman live in ocean city, back to you. >> not surprised that he is a surfer. strikes me as a surfer dude. we'll check back with you a little bit later. you know, just weeks after the bp oil well was plugged news from the gulf of mexico with a frighteningly familiar ring, another oil rig goes up in flames. and the path and wrath of hurricane earl, how it can affect your holiday weekend. we want your thoughts about the storm. you can chat and find it on our
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. we're continuing our coverage of hurricane earl tonight. it will weaken slightly as it moves towards the north carolina coast. still a dangerous category 3 storm. winds are expected to hip up in the outer banks tonight. we keep team coverage going with t.j. winnik. just looking at the pictures from here to ocean city looks like you got a lot more surf and it's a lot win deer there? >> reporter: absolutely kelly t only thing it's not doing right now is range here in atlantic peach, north carolina. tell you what, we have seen the weather change dramatically in the past 24 hours, those waves behind me crashing into that peer, they doubled in size, the air temperature has probably dropped between 10 and 20 degrees. all signs point towards earl's imminent arrival. even with earl just hours from
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skimming north carolina's outer banks there are plenty here seemingly thumbing their nose at the mandatory evacuation. >> i'm sticking around. >> i'm not going anywhere, i'm comfortable right here. >> reporter: how much it will spare from businesses remains to be seen. >> it is a very big weekend, considered one of the biggest of the season, technically the close of the summer. >> a category 3 storm, hurricane force winds spread 90 miles from its center and widening, so even if the eye of the storm comes as close as 30 miles from shore, authorities are expecting bochy roads and perhaps even property damage along cape hat a was. >> i will continue unone more time to urge our visitors and tourists to be very prepared and remain village lent. >> reporter: up furor on the coast it is going to deal new england a direct below, resulting in heavy winds and
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driving rain. >> we have card guest, we have plenty of water, flashlight, she is very nervous. >> reporter: this is what the eye of earl looks like from the cockpit of a specially-equipped plane. back on land, north carolina, virginia, and maryland are all under states of emergency. the only thing left to do now is wait it out or get out. >> it's serious, i think immigrants a serious hurricane, it could get real dangerous in a measure re. so why take a chance. >> reporter: and, as of about an hour ago, you can add massachusetts to that list of states of emergency. live in atlantic beach, t.j. winnik, abc 2 news. kelly? >> all right. let's get right into it. latest on hurricane -- oh, we just had that report from the outer banks, you could see tropical storm force winds expected in the next few hours, right there, in the outer banks, and the core of this sti
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a large hurricane still a category 3, winds from 125 miles per hour. but as we track this the eye wall is still several hundred miles, 420 miles from ocean city, about 220 miles from the banks. but, of course, there's much storm between the outer bands and the eye wall. let's take a look at ocean city. time lapse photography, things beginning to head downhill a little bit. the biggest thing is the surf and the winds coming up to close to 30 miles per hour in terms of those wind gusts, this is backed out into the outer banks where we're definitely looking at some nastier weather here and down to wilmington which would be further down the carolina coast. you can see those bands coming in, ominous look here on the cape fear river. definitely, earl beginning to make its presence felt in a big big way. center of circulation a few hundred miles away, but the
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hurricane force winds would be within about half the distance, we'll say, between the outer banks and the eye wall here, you would begin to pick up those 75 miles per hour plus winds and again, right around the eye, they are up around 125 right now. relative to the east coast we're quiet just about every  place else. once earl max its pass, even through baltimore here tomorrow, as earl moves directly off ocean city, breezy and partly sunny here in the baltimore area, it will be a big difference as you go as far in as easton and across through salisbury and eventually out into the ocean city area where we expect the worst weather in maryland. our volume metric satellite view here, one of the things we look at is the height of some of these storm tops, i'm sure some of he's clouds reaching 60,000 feet or so in the atmosphere, so it just indicates a very powerful hurricane here and the eye wall of mighty earl, as he churns his way up the coast. still again, as a category 3
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storm. the path, the exact track, 115 miles per hour, we dropped 5 miles per hour in the last three hours, but still, as earl makes his way across the outer banks we expect that turn into the overnight hours into early friday and now ocean city getting a glancing below, experiencing tropical storm force winds around 40, 45 miles per hour, enhanced tides 3 feet or more above normal, we expect wave action down the beaches to last into saturday, 10-foot- plus walls of water, so that's going to be significant as well. let's show you just again a double-check on all of our different computer models, most of it keeping it on a very narrow track and indicating that turn to the north and east which again will be a bit of a last-second repreviously for ocean city, delaware, and virginia beach. they are getting the worst of this before it makes its turn offshore. the bands will stay 50 to 80 miles offshore, but we'll get
5:23 pm
into this tropical storm force bands that will push winds to 40 osh 50. a precision track on our computer model showing intense waves and the heaviest downpours staying offshore. not a big rainmaker and the highest rape going to be on the east shore. tomorrow a hot, 90-degree day across the baltimore area, but stormy as you go east. tomorrow everywhere clears including the beaches and the outlook for the rest of the three-day weekend is quite nice. nice surf, but cool air and sunshine. kelly. >> thanks a lot wyatt. now to a developing story, another oil rig explosion and fire in the gulf. this time rocking an oil platform about 200 miles west of the deepwater horizon rig. the good news is all aboard reportedly survive. so far authorities don't know in any oil is leaking from the mariner energy well. >> reporter: have been initial
5:24 pm
reports of a machine 1 quarter mile by 100 feet, and assessments we've got from fly over that they didn't see a machine. >> now initial reports indicated all 13 on board were accounted for. one employee was injured. federal officials don't know why the well exploded. the coast guard says workers started emergency shut down procedures prior to evacuating the platform. well baltimore county leaders gear-up for a possible surge from hurricane earl much more on a likely inconvenient decent into the county as the storm veers close to land. and a sign of the times. women on average make more than men. why the scale is tipping. storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. bean.
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. continuing coverage on your
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set, net and cell. it's a fact. we know that women have worked har to break the glass ceiling, making it to the top of business and politics. more women go to college than men. but earning the same salary has continued to be a struggle until now. new numbers show american women are earning more than men. young women's median full-time salaries 8% higher than men in their peer group. the reason? more women are graduating college than men and those who have college degrees out-earn those who don't. >> reporter: african-american women and hispanic women are twice as likely than their male piers to graduate from college. and that's what driving such a big difference. >> researchers say women could drive the economy out of the recession. woohoo. well stay with abc 2 news, we've got the latest developments on hurricane earl coming up at 5:30, which starts for you in less than 2 minutes.
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